We are the combination of everything the world would rather not have spill out onto the screen. We are the thinkers, movers, creators, and voices that are unheard. We are not all straight or white or male or able bodied but most importantly, we are not limited by our identities. They empower us. Light leaks are usually seen as bright, beautiful mistakes in a photo that disrupt the image.We are bright and beautiful and disruptive, but not mistakes. Working off of the noted “Shine Theory” we aim to create a space to spotlight, educate, and provide support for women female identifying and non binary filmmakers.


The mainstream film industry is run by straight, upper class, white males- it’s been studied and proven over and over again. There are enough spaces for their work and their ideologies- the space we live in was created by them.

Changing the landscape of media is so important because the film industry is not the price of a ticket, but the price of contributing to a system that does not do a majority of our society justice.


  • Interviews with rising and established folks in film
  • By being a source of the latest trends in the industry
  • Honest conversations
  • The chance to connect with other creators
  • Opportunities to have your work highlighted
  • Inspiration and advice via all platforms
Hours spent designing


We’ve been able to accomplish so much since being founded in February 2017.

Here’s a quick rundown:
– We’ve published over 13 interviews with women and GNC filmmakers
– We’ve published over 20 think pieces written by women and GNC filmmakers
– Our pieces have been republished by BUST Magazine and Issa Rae Productions
– Some really incredible sites have published pieces about us
– We’ve served as a promo sponsor for the Athena Film Festival
– We’ve hosted editing sessions on university campuses
– and so much more 🙂

Meet the Team

Kim Hoyos


Kim Hoyos is a filmmaker, Latina, and founder of The Light Leaks.
She is an internet obsessed person who began The Light Leaks with the hope of creating a space of education and empowerment for marginalized voices because she believes in the power of diversity. She’s directed, written, and edited various short films, documentaries, and other online content but has also had her photography used for outlets such as Buzzfeed, Spotify, NBC, Rachel Antonoff, Femsplain, and Millennials of NY. Because of her work in female and minority driven media, she has been featured as one of “Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls”.

Her biggest dreams include starting her own production company, hugging Lin- Manuel Miranda, and having perfect skin. In her free time, she attends Rutgers University as a senior studying Journalism and Media Studies and drinks a lot of soup.

Visit her website.

Lindsey Meyer

Graphic Designer (Website/Brand/Logo)

Lindsey is a recent Chapman University grad with a BFA in Graphic Design. She’s the quintessential San Francisco hipster but she’s aware of that. She’s a fan of good type and female empowering media. All of Lindsey’s truly shine with a unique style only she can really execute- she’s the talent behind this whole website and it couldn’t have been done without her. She has a weakness for cats, smores, and whiskey and has the most perfect IG account on the planet.

Visit her website.

Anna Phillips

Volunteer Editor

Anna is a teacher, editor, and writer. She is absolutely passionate about empowering people by helping them to develop their voices and share their stories. Anna also likes to practice what she preaches so she writes to share her own stories too. Anna’s writing is published on many sites such as Femsplain, Obvi We’re the Ladies, Literally Darling, and HelloGiggles. She loves sports, especially softball, and her dream is to one day work with Mindy Kaling.

Visit her website.

Contributors (so far...)

  • Elisabeth Graham- Illustrations
  • Gigi Ferguson- Illustrations
  • Dana Nunez- Writing
  • Caroline Conrad- Writing
  • Shaneika Johnson-Simms- Writing
  • Charlotte Manning- Writing
  • Tara Reid- Writing
  • Hailey Mah- Writing
  • Celine Dirkes- Writing
  • Savannah Hemmig- Writing
  • Sidney Butler- Writing
  • Arsal Asal- Writing
  • Funkuin Sam- Writing
  • Anna Phillips- Writing
  • Lauren Cooke- Writing

Ways to Support

Hi, if you love what we’re trying to do and want to support us in any way, the best thing you can do is spread the word!
Whether it be word of mouth, sending us an email about a filmmaker in your life, or engaging with our social media platforms- it helps spread our community further and to those who need it!

If you’re a filmmaker, read our submission guidelines and submit your work to us! We’re always looking to publish think pieces by female/NB filmmakers. Also, we have a submit button on the side if you’d like us to take a look at your recent work. 

If you want to draw for the site, we always need illustrations! Send us an email at: hello@theLightLeaks.com

Want to join the team? Email Kim directly at: kim@theLightLeaks.com